rooted + rowdy

What started as possibly the worst 13th birthday party ever, has grown into one amazing party after another. When I say worst, I mean worst. While I had a great plan, that included fun games and the guests in color coordinated outfits - it ended with allergic reactions, a water balloon to someone's throat, and the ambulance being called. Let's just say things have gotten insanely better than that.

I love birthdays - a privilege denied to many and always worthy of a celebration, but my love for celebrations doesn't stop there. I resonate deeply with the quote "Don't save anything for a special occasion, being alive is a special occasion"

Rooted + Rowdy started as a way to bring that love of celebration to you. Our name originates from our value of being deeply connected and our belief that everything should be obnoxiously fun. We can't wait to celebrate with you!

an a la carte + full service planning and design company 

rooted + Rowdy

Things to Celebrate

my favourite

baby showers

milestone birthdays

the 'Just because' dinner 





I'm Britney, a 30 something Virginia native, whose on a mission to fill this world with light. 
I'm a mom of 3 and homeschool our oldest 2.  I'm on my way  to becoming the millenial's Martha Stewart. I actually nerd out over homemaking. I love bringing people together, especially over a meal. 
I'm a huge advocate for women creating margin in their lives through systems and routines so they can do more of the things they love. 
I love reading, field trips with my babes, walks by the river, trips to the grocery store and farmers market, dance parties, and organizing. 
Rooted + Rowdy has allowed me to combine all of my favorite things and share them with the world. 



And please don't get it confused and think I can bake. (I can barely pull off premade cookie dough) If you want a seven course meal, on the other hand, I'm your girl. 
I started cooking when I was in high school and over the years have taught myself (with the help of Ina Garten and Giada) new techniques, created recipes, meal prepped for others, and cooked for countless events. 
I love grocery shopping, family dinners, meal planning, meal prepping, trying new ingredients and cusines, and reading cookbooks. 
I truly believe there is so much connection when you share a meal with the people you love and playing a part in that brings me such joy.

I love to cook

If you know me you know I live and will die by my planner.  I have come to realize that systems and plans make my life run more smoothly and create margin for the things that matter. I plan meals, homeschool days, cleaning schedules (except laundry, I hate laundry), and a good ole game night.

It might be my enneagram 1 wing (where are my fellow 2w1's?), but I love a list and a plan. If I do say so myself, this comes in handy when planning an event. 

I love planning - and not just parties

I have had the misfortune of seeing people I love denied the gift of celebrating another year of their life (as I'm sure most of us have). I don't think we should wait to celebrate people and the important moments in their life. 

I love any and every excuse to gather with friends and celebrate. Whether it's a major milestone like a wedding or the often overlooked achievements like a job promotion. It's all a special occassion and I'm here for the party. 

Did I throw parties when my babes made it out of diapers? Small parties nonetheless, but you bet I did!

parties are my absolute fav!